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The Fast 800 is an evidence-based programme, designed to support your patients or clients in achieving sustainable fat loss by combining rapid weight loss and intermittent fasting.

Despite being aware of what is “healthy”, we are, as a society, getting more and more overweight each year. We offer a different, evidence-based approach, to weight loss and improvement of other chronic conditions.

We surround participants with the tools and support they need to achieve a reduction in visceral fat and maintenance of a healthy weight and blood sugar and other multiple conditions.

Benefits of The Fast 800

To lose fat, fast – rapid, sustainable weight loss.

Improving blood sugars, reversing and preventing type 2 diabetes.

To boost mood and motivation – a great way to reduce anxiety and depression.

For general health and to live longer – a sense of well-being and increased energy.

To power up the brain – reducing cognitive decline.

To help reduce inflammation in the body – improving conditions such as arthritis, asthma and psoriasis.

What we provide

  • Initial Assessment: Questionnaire to advise on the best approach – based on the individual’s situation and motivation.
  • Personalised plans: 800 calories per day, The New 5:2, or The Way of Life Plan, all with vegetarian options, and adaptable for as many servings as required.
  • A 12-week meal planner: swap recipes in and out, as it suits.
  • A unique referral discount code for patients who have been referred by their GP
  • Shopping lists that update as our members edit their meal plans.
  • Over 400 easy-to-make and ‘taste great’ recipes
  • Tailored exercise plans based on outcome of the assessment – for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness.
  • Guided mindfulness meditations and content to help members sleep better, destress and feel more in control.
  • A personal tracker to monitor progress and track goals.
  • Daily educational articles explaining the science behind The Fast 800 with practical tips for incorporating healthy habits into everyday life.
  • An active social media platform – Community – of like-minded individuals, and our own Health Coaches, for experience sharing and motivation.
  • Ongoing subscription service for those who would like to maintain access to the programme and its resources.


I started the Fast 800 and TRE 16:8 while suffering a 9-month flare of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and high blood pressure. Within 2 weeks my inflammation had reduced and so had my blood pressure. My swollen joints returned to normal and I had very little pain. I stopped taking NSAIDs. This way of eating saved me. I also lost 23lbs. I am back to playing golf, doing Pilates and enjoying life. Whilst I am not cured, I still get some pain in my fingers and toes, it is not life limiting. Thank you so much Dr Mosely, your research has given me hope and I now have the tools to take some control over this disease.


Lost 10 kgs

I am thrilled to report great success with the programme. I have just come back from the doctor after 12 weeks.  I have lost 15kg and was pronounced no longer diabetic, nor even prediabetic! My blood pressure and thyroxine medications have been reduced today. I was able to run around an adventure playground with my three-year-old granddaughter – something I couldn’t do before, and I am no longer depressed about my health. I intend to continue to work on reducing my weight even more but have found the programme so supportive and easy to follow, it does not seem like a chore.


Lost 15 kgs

The Science

Education & Partnerships

As an organisation founded by doctors, The Fast 800 is committed to increasing awareness and education on the benefits of rapid weight loss and intermittent fasting for health benefits and the reversal and prevention of diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, amongst other conditions, within the healthcare community. To learn more about how The Fast 800 can support your clinic and patients, we offer a range of educational options, including:

    • Lunch & Learn Events
    • Bespoke Workshops
    • Discovery Calls
    • Programme Tours
    • Industry Conferences

We also offer a comprehensive referral programme for healthcare professionals who would like to provide The Fast 800 as an alternative or inclusive treatment for their patients. This includes a unique referral code, which will provide your patients with a discount. 

Independently validated

An independent analysis of our two year results of 23,745 members shows significant weight loss and improvements in blood sugar levels.

Get in touch

If you are a health professional interested in The Fast 800 programme for yourself or if you would like a unique referral code for your patients / clients, please provide more information below and we will get back to you.

Please note, if you are a NHS worker who would like a discount code to our online programme, please contact

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