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The Fast 800 is a personal trainer and nutritionist, ready when you are to support long-term weight loss

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Personalised meal plans to suit your goals

  • Vegetarian and Keto options
  • Nutritionist-made with macros and calorie counts

200 guided workouts, no equipment required

  • Low impact beginner to advanced fitness
  • Resistance, cardio, yoga and pilates

800+ simple and tasty recipes

  • Automated shopping lists
  • Satisfying portions and a range of global cuisines

Real support, as you need it

  • Member-only Health Coach support
  • Be part of an interactive cohort

Member-only app for ultimate convenience

  • Weight loss tools in the palm of your hand
  • Use your programme any time, anywhere

Behaviour change course and mindfulness

  • Science-backed support to make new habits stick
  • 40+ guided mindfulness videos

What does it cost?*

12 week programme

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This gives you access to the 12-week programme plus one extra month of membership to The Fast 800. After that, your ongoing monthly membership is . You can cancel this monthly membership at any time. *This price structure is only available via the website.

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"If you're looking for a straightforward, immune-boosting plan to kickstart your health for the new year, there's one wellness plan that's stood the test of time thanks to its simple structure and effective results - The Fast 800 founded by Dr Michael Mosley."

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