Shakes for weight loss

Quick and easy. Tasty and nutritious.

Enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet, with protein and fibre, in one quick shake.

Benefits of The Fast 800 shakes

No added sugar or simple carbs

High in protein

High in fibre

Calorie controlled

Filling shakes

100% vegetarian

26 minerals and vitamins

Made in the UK

Supporting you with your weight loss and fasting goals, our shakes have been developed to complement the principles of The Fast 800 lifestyle. While we recommend real food first, shakes are a fantastic alternative for busy days, especially for those looking to lose weight on lower calorie diets.

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There are lots of shakes available on the market so it’s important to know what you’re looking for; many are high in carbohydrates, which will spike blood sugars and leave you feeling hungry shortly after. Made from all natural ingredients, The Fast 800 shakes are packed with fibre, protein, healthy fats and 26 vitamins and minerals for quick and easy nutrition

The Fast 800 shakes come in a variety of flavours and formulas, with options for vegans too. So, there’s certainly something for everyone!

Shakes for weight loss FAQs

Please visit our FAQ page for more detailed information.

How are they different from other shakes?

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There are several ways we are different from other shakes.

  • We have formulated our shakes to reflect a Mediterranean diet – to be nutrient dense, lower in
    carbs, and higher in fats and protein to keep you fuller for longer.
  • Our shakes are high in fibre (which is key to great gut health)
  • Our shakes are 100% natural – nothing artificial.

How often can I drink them?

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We encourage real food first. We are aware that this is not always possible so we recommend 7-10 shakes a week alongside healthy Med-style meals. They are great for a quick and easy breakfast – better and more filling than sugary cereals or other snacks.

How should I prepare my shake?

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For a small meal (200kcal) take 5 level scoops (50g) of our formulation and add it to 200-300ml of water (add more or less water depending on taste). Shake well and enjoy!

For a creamier texture, try adding unsweetened almond milk or your favourite milk to your meal replacement shake.

We also have some other tips to help you reach your goals and get the best out of the shakes.

  • If too sweet or too thick, try adding more liquid to the shakes – try 300ml or even 400ml to taste.
  • Try blending yoghurt with the shakes in place of milk.
  • Use instead of cereal for breakfast and see how much longer your energy remains throughout the day.
  • Blend in berries or a dash of cinnamon to add to the taste

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