Many health professionals are seeing the benefits of this low-carb Mediterranean style diet, with 800 calorie fasting options. Because of this, they have contacted us to find out how to support their patients lose weight, reduce their blood sugars, and where possible reverse their diabetes.

This is why we have set up The Fast 800 programme – developed and supported by Doctors and other healthcare specialists – to help people achieve their weight loss and health goals.

We encourage everyone following the programme, particularly those with diabetes or other medical conditions, to share information about The Fast 800 diet and lifestyle with their health professionals. You can find this below on this page.

To make this easier to do, we provide an information sheet for patients to take to their healthcare professionals, as well as for healthcare professionals who want to understand the potential impacts of The Fast 800 lifestyle.

Healthcare Providers

If you are a professional with an interest in this area and would like to be involved or hear more about any aspect of The Fast 800 – please contact us here.


Even though there is lots of evidence and research to support The Fast 800 principles, it can take years for this new knowledge to be incorporated into official guidelines. This might mean your usual health professional/doctor is wary or unaware of this new information.

We encourage you to talk to your usual healthcare professional before starting the diet. You can use the healthcare professional handout on this page as a useful tool to help you discuss whether The Fast 800 is right for you.