The 5:2™ Diet is not just a 'diet' - it’s a lifestyle proven to transform your health through intermittent fasting

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When Dr Michael Mosley created the 5:2 diet following his own health struggles, he knew he was onto something. It pairs intermittent fasting, which is consistently proven to result in healthy weight loss, with a moderately low carb Mediterranean-style diet, the most healthy way of eating in the world.

The result is a lifestyle that is so sustainable it can be followed for life. Since it began, thousands of our members have used our Programme to guide them through the 5:2 diet and achieved results they could only dream of. Discover what you’re capable of today.

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The 5:2™ diet - making weight loss easy

The 5:2 diet involves regular intermittent fasting for an effective, gradual way to lose weight and keep it off long term.

On two days per week, consume approximately 800 calories, otherwise there is no calorie restriction. Learn how on the only official 5:2 diet programme, developed by Dr Michael Mosley to support weight loss with a Mediterranean-style diet.

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Comprehensive 5:2 diet meal plan to suit your goals

  • Developed by nutritionists, including macros and calorie counts
  • Vegetarian options available

Round out your 5:2 lifestyle with 200 guided workouts

  • Resistance, yoga, Pilates and cardio classes guided by fitness experts
  • Low-impact beginner to advanced fitness

Hundreds of tasty intermittent fasting-friendly recipes

  • Satisfying portions for fasting and non-fasting days
  • Automated shopping lists for ultimate convenience

Real support from real people

  • Exclusive direct Health Coach support
  • Interactive community with others giving intermittent fasting a go

Exclusive app for members only

  • Key weight loss tools you need, in the palm of your hand
  • Access your 5:2 diet programme any time, anywhere

Keep on track with mindfulness and behaviour-change course

  • Science-backed support to help keep on track with the 5:2 diet lifestyle
  • 40+ guided mindfulness videos to support mind and body

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We've helped over 100,000 people just like you lose weight, keep it off and improve their health.

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