8th January 2024

5 simple ways to eat more protein

Regardless of how you choose to lose weight, whether you opt for a low-fat diet or a low-carb diet, a Keto diet or intermittent fasting, there is one nutrient that is key to all of them: protein.

How much protein should you be eating?

Protein is a health all-rounder, essential for rest, repair, maintaining muscle mass, and reducing your risk of chronic illnesses like osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Studies have also shown that it does wonders for weight loss, as it increases satiety, improves thermogenesis, prevents weight regain and improves your sleeping metabolic rate.

We recommend you consume 60g of protein a day. It’s most commonly found in animal products such as dairy, eggs or meat, though there are various plant-based sources, too, such as nuts, beans and pulses.

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If you’re struggling with how to get more protein into your diet, try these simple ways to eat more protein:

How to eat more protein

1. Always buy greek yogurt over plain: The protein content in Greek yogurt is over double that of plain yogurt. It makes an excellent breakfast or dessert option for boosting your protein intake and can be prepped ahead of time for ease.

2. Make protein convenient: Keep protein sources stocked up in your pantry so you always have them to hand if you need a last-minute meal idea. Tinned fish and beans are both high in protein and have a long shelf life, so they’re a great staple for your cupboard.

3. Pre-prep your meals: Planning and pre-prepping your meals will ensure you can keep track of how much protein you’re getting in your day. You can map out where to add additional nutrients to your meals, and prepping meals ahead of time will mean there’s always a protein-rich option ready to go.

4. Consider supplements: Protein shakes or bars are excellent for having alongside a meal to boost your protein intake. The Fast 800 Protein Shakes (available in the UK, Australis and NZ), for example, contain a whopping 25g of protein in less than 120 calories which helps tick off a third of your recommended intake in just one drink. Similarly, our protein bars (available in the UK only) make perfect on-the-go boosts, and come in either Peanut Caramel or Dark Chocolate, which are certain to satisfy that sweet tooth!

5. Try different protein sources: As we said, protein is most commonly found in animal products, however there’s an abundance of delicious foods that are high in protein. Try out different protein sources to avoid getting bored of the same foods, and it’ll soon make it easier to hit your daily protein targets.

Although 60g can seem like a big aim, just trying a few simple tricks like these will help to hit that goal. Once you do, you’ll soon reap the tremendous benefits protein can have on your health and weight. Try out our delicious range of protein-rich products here.

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