8th January 2024

Motivational Weight Loss Story: Meet Helen

Film costume designer, Helen, was struggling with her weight, fatigue and pain in her knees and hips. At 54 years old and working in such a fast-paced industry, she needed to do something drastic to turn her health around. Thanks to her sister, she joined The Fast 800 Programme and now enjoys a pain-free life, 21kg lighter.

Helen had got to a turning point in her life when she realised that “looking back at the state of my health… I was overweight, lethargic, I had issues with my thyroid and pain in my hips and knees (so much so, it was painful to walk). I had no self-discipline when it came to eating and I knew it was time to do something about my health.”

And that is just what she did, but the results were better than she could’ve ever imagined. 

Looking back at the state of my health before I started The Fast 800 Programme, I was overweight and lethargic, I had issues with my thyroid and pain in my hips and knees. I was introduced to The Fast 800 by my sister and signed up that day.

Helen and The Fast 800

Her sister introduced her to the Programme: “I asked her what she was doing to lose weight, and she told me she has been following The Fast 800 for 13 weeks and showed me the Programme. I signed up that day.”

Like her sister, it took Helen just 13 weeks to turn her life around, lose an astounding 21kg (3.3st) and get back down to the weight she had previously been 25 years ago. She poignantly describes the achievement as being a “huge emotional journey”.

Following The Fast 800 was one of the best things Helen could have done for her health. The Mediterranean-style diet has anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes the consumption of oily fish which is rich in iodine; a mineral that can cause thyroid dysfunction if not consumed enough. Once a diet is supportive of a healthy thyroid, other difficulties can be alleviated as well, like weight gain and fatigue, and it can help prevent the worsening of health problems.

While Helen didn’t feel she faced any challenges on the programme, it was a gradual journey for her, particularly in regard to her exercise. She walked and exercised through the pain in her hips and knees, but found that over time the pain started to diminish as she continued exercising and strengthening the muscles surrounding the struggling joints.

One of the many benefits of having exercise videos as part of the Online Programme is that you can choose what works best for your body and learn new techniques of strengthening muscle and burning fat. Our personal-trainer style videos led by our fitness experts range from beginner to advanced and even includes many low-impact exercises that specifically cater to injuries or pain like Helen’s.

The Fast 800 Programme is a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a support network and more to help you lose weight and keep it off. Learn more and get started today with a 7-day free trial.

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Helen’s current routine

Incredibly, though Helen started out as a beginner with joint pain, she now enjoys exercising regularly, and even reports exercising before work for the very first time in her 31 year career! 

As well as a new love of exercise, Helen now also enjoys cooking, finding the Mediterranean-style food in The Fast 800 meal plans delicious. She reports finding it wonderful to have healthy food prepared for work, especially as she has a job that sometimes has her there working hard for 12-hours at a time. “I am now happily full after every meal, with no need to eat more,” she says, as every one of the daily meal plans contains all the essential nutrients you need to stay energised and fuller for longer.

Helen didn’t just reap the physical benefits of this lifestyle change, but she discovered unforeseen mental benefits as well.

“The programme has helped me not only physically, but mentally too. Reading the articles and education that gets supplied to you along the way has completely shifted my outlook. It’s provided me with the understanding and knowledge I needed to succeed.”

Helen’s results are incredible, and it’s not just the numbers that impress us at The Fast 800: our members often tell us how following the Online Programme hasn’t just helped them lose weight, but has also helped solve health problems, create a love of exercise and improve mental health. 

“I just completed a 4-day trek covering 48 kilometres in total, which was a massive goal for me. And, I did it without any pain. The association of pain when leaving my house has been replaced with a sense of liberation.”

Helen’s key take away really says it all: “It’s been a gradual process, which has brought me to this moment where I am feeling incredibly strong, happy and pain-free. I cannot express how huge this is for me.”

If you want to join the movement and start your own journey, try The Fast 800 Online Programme today with a 7-day free trial.

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