29th November 2023

Benefits of a Keto Diet

The benefits of a keto diet are extensive, whether your goal is to lose weight or reduce your risk of various chronic illnesses. First popularised in the 1920s as a treatment for those with epilepsy, a keto diet puts the body into a state of ketosis by ‘flipping the metabolic switch’. This process replaces the body’s need for glucose as its main fuel, and begins using fat instead, making this diet extremely effective for rapid weight loss. 

Here are just five of the many benefits of a keto diet:

1. It’s effective for rapid weight loss

As briefly touched on, one of the primary benefits of a keto diet is quick weight loss. What’s more, this way of eating helps maintain muscle mass and preserve your metabolic rate while losing weight, unlike many other well known diets. In fact, research suggests that following a keto diet is more effective at achieving healthy weight loss than a low-fat diet.[1] It’s one of the reasons we created our Keto-friendly range of products; all of The Fast 800 products are high in protein and fibre, and low in carbs, to aid in healthy weight loss, unlike many alternative brands on the market.

2. It suppresses appetite and keeps you fuller for longer

One contributing factor to a keto diet being so effective for weight loss is its ability to suppress hunger and reduce appetite.[2] The higher satiety effect of protein and healthy fats, paired with a reduction of carb intake, cause you to naturally consume far fewer calories and make it easier to stick to longer term: just another benefit of a keto diet.[3]

3. It reduces dangerous visceral fat

A keto diet doesn’t just help you lose weight all over your body, it actually appears to target the most harmful kind of fat: visceral fat. This ‘hidden’ fat is difficult to see or feel as it is stored within the abdominal cavity of the body. It wraps around organs like the liver and intestines and has been linked to various chronic illnesses and a shorter life expectancy. However, research has found that a keto diet may help burn three times more visceral fat than simple calorie restriction and low fat diets.[4][5]

4. It reduces risk of chronic illnesses and type 2 diabetes

Aside from weight management, there are extensive benefits of a keto diet to overall health. It has been shown to reverse metabolic syndrome, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce risks of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, and even manage type 2 diabetes.[6][7][8] This is, in part, down to its ability to lower blood pressure and positively affect glycemic parameters, to such an extent that there are currently ongoing campaigns to utilise a keto diet as treatment for type 2 diabetes in place of medication.[9]

5. It improves gut health

Though there is only emerging research on the long-term benefits of a keto diet on the body’s gut microbiome, the results are promising. Some studies have found that it may increase the genetic diversity of microbiota by improving insulin resistance, inflammation and dyslipidemia.[10] And, as we know, a diverse gut microbiome is a happy gut.

These are among the many benefits of a keto diet that make this one of the most popular modern methods of weight loss. Flipping the switch to reap these life-changing benefits is more simple than you might think but, if you need a little help, The Fast 800 Keto approach on our Programme will help support you on your journey. Additionally, try our high protein, keto-friendly Shakes to help keep you full and nourished while opting for a low-carb lifestyle.


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