16th July 2019

Dermott’s Story

I have lost 10.3% of my body weight and have never felt better in years.

Before I started I weighed 249.6lbs or 113.2kgs. I had a body fat % of 42.4 and a visceral fat reading of 21 (as recorded by my Tanita BC 1000 body analyser). My doctor had just called me in for an emergency consultation after my blood test results had come back. My Hba1c reading (112) had doubled from the previous test (56). I refused to go on Metformin and asked that I be allowed to try this program for 12 weeks and if I didn’t get the numbers down then I would do it their way.  I prepared for the program for a couple of weeks prior to the official by getting everything ready.

My waist was 56 inches, hips 52 inches and chest 54 inches. I had just returned from a holiday in France where I did all the things a type 2 Diabetic shouldn’t. Now it was time for change.

I read Michael Mosley’s book then found the course and decided to invest in myself. I subscribed and read all the literature, cleared the cupboards of all the “bad stuff” and braced myself.

12 weeks later I am now, today, 223.9lbs or 101.56kgs. My body fat % reading is 33.6% and my chisel fat reading is 15. At my last check in with the diabetic nurse, my Hba1c reading was down to 51, which was after 8 weeks and the nurse was flabbergasted! She could not believe it and was totally astounded when I got on the scales. My waist is now 44″, hips 41″ and chest 44″. People are asking me if I’m alright?  or “are  you sick? One person even said I’d” lost way too much and enough was enough!!”. I have lost 10.3% of my body weight and have never felt better in years.

I felt hungry a few times and did snack on nuts which put my calorie intake up over the target on a few occasions. I also celebrated my 50th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary in September. This involved a 7 day trip to Spain with my wife and I did gain 8lbs but I had them back off within a week of returning.

I have at least 42lbs to go to reach my target weight of 182lbs (82.55kgs) but I’ll continue with this way of eating again and maybe go back on to the program in January.

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