1st February 2024

Garry lost 31kg (4.9st) and found his fitness again 

51-year-old Garry had always been active until he suffered an injury that drastically reduced his activity levels. Garry watched the weight pile on until one day, after struggling to tie his shoelaces, he decided enough was enough. After seeing the success a friend had, Garry chose to give The Fast 800 Programme a go and his results were phenomenal: not only is he an incredible 31kg (6 stone) lighter, but he’s also rediscovered his love of exercise and is now an ultra-marathon runner.

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How it all started

Years ago, Garry used to partake in competitive cycling, running and football to keep active. But all that changed when he suffered an injury, followed by the birth of his daughter. His activity levels drastically reduced as a result, and his weight crept up. Knowing he had always wanted to get active again and reignite his passion for running, Garry’s goals took a backseat until he reached 18 stone. This was when he knew he needed to make a change.

Garry met back up with an old friend and was surprised to see the vast amount of weight they had lost. His friend revealed that it was all down to following a 5:2 diet, so Garry quickly began his research and came across The Fast 800.

Fuelled by a new determination, Garry started his journey with The Fast 800 book, and became invested in the science and the concept. In February 2021, he excitedly decided to commit to the Programme.

How the Programme changed Garry’s life

Garry immediately found the Programme to be highly intuitive and easy to follow. He began to understand that he responds well to structured training programmes and can be extremely focused when he needs to be. This meant that the clear guidelines, meal plans, recipes and shopping lists provided all the tools Garry needed for success. He followed the Programme carefully, appreciating how flexible and versatile it was while still holding him accountable for his health goals. 

Garry found particular success on The Very Fast 800 Keto approach (you can swap and change through approaches as your goals change), and having started his health journey in February 2021 at nearly 18 stone, he started summer at just 12 stone 4lbs.

Unable to believe how quickly the weight had fallen off, and motivated by his results to continue, Garry began to get his running back off the ground. At a lighter weight, the newly energised Garry found that running had become easier and more enjoyable again, so he got fit quickly.

Having started in February 2021, by the summer of that year, I had gone from nearly 18 stone to 12 stone 4Ibs. I couldn’t believe how quickly the weight came off and I found it so motivating to continue with it. Nowadays, I’m running in the mountains because I’ve been competing in ultra-marathons, which I absolutely love. The Fast 800 has allowed me to get my life back in so many ways.”

Running full steam ahead

For Garry, following The Fast 800 transformed his life beyond simply weight loss. It allowed him to get his life back in so many ways, as he now reports feeling lighter, fitter, and healthier than ever before. Feeling utterly transformed, Garry cleared out and said goodbye to his old, larger clothes so he could run full steam ahead into a brighter future. 

He now spends his time running in the mountains, competing in ultra-marathons with his newfound energy and lust for life. Incredibly, he recently competed in The Arc of Attrition, a 104-mile race around the coast of Cornwall famed for being one of the toughest races in Britain. Garry completed it in 29 hours in the freezing temperatures of a British January. Not letting the weather get in the way of his passions, Garry also completed a five-day race in Spain, called the Al Andalus Ultimate Trail, during the height of summer involving five ultra-marathons over five days.

At 51, Garry is travelling the world competing in races, and even secured a win in his age category in the Wales Ultra, a 55-mile race through mountainous Southern Snowdonia.

Though he clearly shows no signs of stopping any time soon, his real win has been the total transformation of his life due to shedding the weight that was holding him back. Trying the Programme in 2021 led Garry to become the best partner, father, and version of himself he could be. We couldn’t be prouder to have him as part of our incredible community at The Fast 800; we’re cheering you along every step of the way, Garry!

Top three questions for Garry:

Were there any moments that surprised you when trying methods like intermittent fasting? 

“I remember walking up Mount Snowdon and being about two hours up the mountain, having not eaten at all that day because I was still in my fast period. I remember having tons and tons of energy and flying past people on my way up. I felt amazing.  I remember thinking, the traditional advice is to have a big, hearty breakfast before doing anything active like that but for me, the fasting approach seems to suit me. I feel energised by it. You literally become a fat burning machine!”

How did you find the recipes and food on The Fast 800 Programme?  

“I loved the recipes on the Programme and discovered so many new foods that I didn’t realise I liked. I had never thought about mixing apple with cottage cheese and cinnamon before but it became an instant favourite! I also love Greek yogurt, blueberries, and dark chocolate together. Amazingly simple but delicious.” 

What’s coming up next for you, Garry?  

“I’m due to do another ultra in March called The Tunnel, which is 200 miles inside a tunnel! Since joining the competitive running scene, it’s also opened a whole new social circle for me, which is great. I’ve met some great people and I love that part of my new life.”

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