16th January 2024

Jan’s Inspiring Weight Loss Story

For 74-year-old Jan, type 2 diabetes was always a risk as it ran in her family, and in 2011 she was diagnosed with the condition herself. Over the following eight years, her weight increased, along with her prescribed medication, until she decided enough was enough.

After just six weeks of following The Fast 800 Programme, Jan put her type 2 diabetes into remission and she never looked back.


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How it all started 

Type 2 diabetes ran in Jan’s family, with both her mother and brother suffering from the condition. Despite her mother taking care of herself and being seemingly very healthy, she sadly passed away from kidney complications as a result of her diabetes. This was a turning point for Jan, and she began to examine her own health. 

Jan was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after a visit to her GP in 2011. They immediately put her on medication to help treat her condition, but over the years the dosage was increased. Eight years later, she’d piled on the weight, and the effectiveness of the drug began to wane. Terrified that she was heading down the same road as her mother, Jan knew it was time to take action. 

Having watched some of Dr Michael Mosley’s appearances on TV, Jan was inspired to learn that he had put his own type 2 diabetes into remission, through diet changes only. She finally had hope and decided to take the plunge by embarking on The Fast 800 Programme. Little did she know, it would be the best choice she made.

Making the decision

In April 2019, weighing approximately 14st (88kg), Jan told her GP about her plans to start The Fast 800 Programme in an effort to change her diagnosis. Her doctor fully supported her decision, and together they decided to monitor her regularly throughout the 12 weeks. After just six weeks, Jan went for a check up and her doctor was left astonished; blood tests revealed that she had placed her type 2 diabetes into remission. 

The knock-on effects of her health improvements were extensive; Jan was losing weight, and regularly exercising by walking around her green neighbourhood. She found she had more energy than usual and was getting fitter by the day.

I’ve experienced so many benefits besides the weight loss; I feel so much fitter and stronger. It all makes it so easy to stick to it long-term.

An unfortunate setback

In March 2020, Jan’s progress came to a halt when she was diagnosed with arthritis in both of her knees. She began to find walking more and more difficult until a consultant gave her the news that she would need two total knee replacements. Jan was devastated. Her weight started to creep back up despite her efforts, and she could no longer be as active as she once was. 

In October 2021, Jan had her right knee replaced, followed by her left knee in June 2022. While she could’ve been downtrodden by the setbacks, Jan kept a positive outlook on her journey so far. Incredibly, she found out that she wouldn’t have been eligible for the knee replacements had she not lost the initial weight, and her recovery time was much shorter than it would have been if she were still at her heavier weight.

Once she had fully recovered, Jan knew it was time to get back on track, despite her setbacks. She re-joined the Programme at 13st 9lbs, determined to lose the weight she had gained due to her operations and adamant she would never return to her larger clothes sizes again.

A new beginning

By sticking to the Programme, Jan lost three stone by April 2023, and has remained that weight ever since. By finding a new love of lake swimming, she managed to gain confidence until she was able to face a public swimming pool for the first time in years. This in turn improved the strength in her legs, improved her stamina and breathlessness and improved her fitness levels overall. 

To this day, Jan continues to use The Fast 800 Programme to ensure she remains on track with her health. She regularly makes use of The Fast 800 Community to keep her motivated on her health journey, alongside other like-minded people.

Jan truly turned her life around and, with a little help from the Programme, she was able to overcome health conditions, like type 2 diabetes, and take a hold of her own future, lighter, fitter and happier than ever before. 

Sign up to your own 7-day free trial of the Programme today and see what life-changing steps results you could see. We’d love you to join community members like Jan in a lifetime of health and longevity.

After just 6-7 weeks on The Fast 800 Programme, I went for a blood test and the GP said ‘Oh, you no longer have type 2 diabetes!’ By sticking to the programme, I lost three stone and I have remained that weight ever since.

Top three questions for Jan:

How did any setbacks affect your progress? 

“In 2020, when I was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees,  I went back to the GP and explained how much pain I was in and they referred me to a consultant who told me I needed two total knee replacements. I was devastated and in fact, I cried! Inevitably, my weight started creeping back up, despite trying so hard to remain healthy. I found it so hard to not be active as I love gardening and I couldn’t even do that anymore.”

How did you discover your new love of swimming? 

“During the summer, I would take my granddaughter lake swimming as she was training for a triathlon. As I sat watching her on a hot summer’s day, I thought the sparkling water looked gorgeous, so I decided to buy myself a wetsuit and join her the next time. I can’t tell you how much I loved it. It was so beautiful, and by the end of the summer I eventually managed to get round the whole marked swim course on the lake.  I must admit, I was out of breath and exhausted, however I persevered. We went weekly and I gradually progressed and it got easier and easier. I felt wonderful!”

Do you have any favourite dishes from the Programme’s library of recipes?

“My favourite recipes from The Fast 800 Programme are the Rainbow Stir Fry, which is delicious and I surprised myself by loving the tofu recipes too. I also love the Vegetarian Chilli but it’s great that there are new recipes being added all of the time. It makes it so easy to stick to it long-term.”

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