29th June 2020

The Two Best Ways To Survive The Covid-19 Pandemic

As this new coronavirus sweeps across the world it is understandable to sometimes feel helpless and vulnerable, but it is important to know there are two key ways you can minimise your chance of complications and serious illness, while simultaneously boosting your health and the quality of your life.

Alongside regular hand washing and maintaining social distancing to avoid contracting the virus, we should all be doing what we can to:

1) support our immune system and

2) maintain a healthy weight.

Luckily there are simple lifestyle changes you can make – RIGHT NOW – to set yourself on the right path.

Why do I need to support my immune system?

A healthy immune system will leap into action to fight off the Covid-19 if you do contract it. One of the reasons younger people often show few, if any symptoms of coronavirus is because their immune systems are strong and reactive, and able to kill off the virus before it spreads too far. However, as we get older our immune system can become weaker and less reliable, and any illnesses or health conditions can compromise it further. This means if you come into contact with the virus it can swiftly take hold, replicating itself and spreading inside the body at a faster rate than your immune system can handle. That’s when Covid-19 symptoms can become more extreme and worrisome.

If your immune system is struggling to cope it could then over-react and unwittingly damage healthy tissue in its attempts to fight the invader 1. Many of the patients who end up in intensive care are there because their weakened immune systems have caused sometimes irreparable damage to their bodies. That’s why it is important to do what you can to support your immune system so it can work optimally on your behalf.

Why do I need to maintain a healthy weight?

An alarmingly high proportion of those patients who end up in intensive care with Covid-19 are overweight, and experts believe obesity doubles the chance of death 2. If you are naturally ‘pear shaped’ you are lucky because the excess fat on your bottom or hips seems to be relatively harmless. But if you have a body shape which has a tendency to gather fat around your middle this could significantly heighten your risk of corona complications.

Fat, in and around your gut, is known as visceral fat and it is linked to a range of chronic diseases. This metabolically active fat is known to  trigger raised blood sugar levels which can damage your blood vessels and makes you far more likely to develop type 2 diabetes (which increases your risk  of corona complications further). People with excess body fat also tend to have a less efficient immune system 3 4 the more overweight you are, the lower your lung capacity too, which is a problem because Covid-19 attacks your lungs.

3 easy steps to support your immune system and maintain a healthy weight

You can support your immune system and keep a close control of your weight by following the simple lifestyle suggestions that come as part of The Fast 800 plan. Making immunity support and weight maintenance your priority over the next few months will not only reduce your risk of serious Covid-19 complications, it will also improve the quality of your life, and your longevity too.

1)  Eat a low-ish carbohydrate Mediterranean-style diet

A diet packed with vegetables and fruit, pulses, oily fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds is a great way to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to support your immune system, and it won’t have to be wasting precious resources trying to deal with the chemical overload of junk food. This diet, which forms an essential part of The Fast 800 protocol, is also a great way to support your gut bacteria 5 which works hard to support your immune system on your behalf. This way of eating will also help you maintain a healthy weight while boosting your health and longevity

2)  Lose excess weight

If you have noticed your waistline expanding over the years, or if you know you are overweight, this covid pandemic should be the impetus you need to do something about it. Incorporating intermittent fasting into your eating regime will speed your weight loss success and bolster your immune system at the same time 6 . Just follow The Fast 800 protocol and you can start your weight loss journey today.

3)  Sleep well and relax

Improving your diet and losing excess weight will improve your sleep 7  and help to reduce anxiety levels which, in turn, will help support your immune system. But you can protect yourself against covid complications further by being active every day as regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight AND support your immune system 8.

The Fast 800 is an innovative approach to healthy living and weight loss based on the latest scientific research. Developed in conjunction with Dr Michael Mosley, the online programme is for those that need more support and guidance for achieving long lasting health. If you join the online programme, you will receive Mediterranean-style menus with weekly HIIT and resistance training plans that are tailored to your level of fitness. 

Consult your healthcare professional and read our FAQs and medical disclaimer before beginning any diet or fitness regime.

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