28th October 2019

Listen in! Dr Mosley provides the A’s to your Q’s

As you can imagine we get a lot of question for Dr Mosley. We recently had a chance to ask him some. Listen in for the answers.

  • What was your BMI when you developed diabetes and what is it now?
  • Do you believe we should avoid low fat & diet foods?
  • What is your view on the Banting and Paleo diets?
  • Are there any benefits from restricting calories on two consecutive days?
  • What differentiates the 5:2 diet form a ‘fad’ diet?
  • Are people able to keep the weight off more successfully on fasting diets vs other diets?
  • What are the success rates over time?
  • Are there any scenarios where fasting diet isn’t appropriate? E.g. certain medical conditions?
  • What happens to your metabolism with long term weight restriction?
  • What are your thoughts on body volume index (BVI) vs BMI as a measure of healthy weight?
  • What is the best way to distract yourself from feeling hungry?
  • If someone diagnosed with type 2 diabetes suspects they may have been pre-diabetic for several years before transitioning to a successful 5:2 or Fast 800 plan to reverse the condition, are they likely to have avoided any longer term complications associated with diabetes? Or has long-term damage likely set in?
  • Is calorie burning, e.g. through exercise, as effective as eating a reduced calorie diet?
  • Is it OK to exercise on a fasting day?
  • If I eat 800 calories and burn off 800 calories exercising, is it OK to eat another 800 calories to finish the day with a net 800 surplus and still count this as a fasting day?
  • My wife is adamant that despite running (20 mins x 3 each week) and already eating a good Mediterranean diet (she’s Sicilian) that she is not losing any real weight due to her approaching or perhaps in the midst of the menopause! Is she right, i.e. do age and hormones come into play?
  • Have you explored the impacts of sodium on general health?
  • How do you combat smelly breath on fasting days!
  • If the 5:2 diet offers a potential cure for many diabetics do you think it gets enough support from the NHS?

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