9th April 2024

Tips to lower your supermarket spend

A 2023 survey found that more than 50 per cent of the Brits believed increased costs make it harder to make healthy food and drink choices, and another revealed that 68% think it’s easier to eat healthily if you have a lot of money.1 However, we’re here to tell you that doesn’t need to be the case: your budget should never be a barrier to healthy eating. You can enjoy the extensive benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet on a smaller budget, so keep reading to find out our top tips to lower your supermarket spend.

Tips to lower your supermarket spend

Be aware of how supermarkets encourage spending

Supermarkets are perfectly thought-out mazes of consumerism, so one of the first steps to lower your supermarket spend is to be aware of how they encourage spending: from impulse purchase treat-traps at the till to the most profitable stock placed at eye level, and the layout of placing commonly-bought staples around the entirety store to using sales-type signage on none-sales products. Make your own smart choices by being aware of these tactics.

Don’t let discounts distract you

A 2019 investigation found that supermarkets often exaggerate their discounts, having raised the original prices for a short time before lowering them again to seem like a bargain.2 Similarly, ‘reduced’ stickers on veggies and meats can make you think you’re getting a steal, but are often only slightly cheaper. And, if you weren’t planning on buying the product then buying it at a discounted price still counts as unplanned spending, which leads us to our next point to help you lower your supermarket spend.

Plan meals and portions

Buying just what you need is one of the best ways to save money and avoid waste. Planning your meals ahead of time and having a set shopping list will reduce the risk of buying impulsively. For example, The Fast 800 Programme comes with customisable meal plans suited to your tastes and dietary needs, as well as helpful shopping lists to help you lower your supermarket spend. In fact, many of our members say that while there is a small upfront cost to sign up to the Programme, they actually save money in the long term by planning ahead.

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Shop the frozen aisles

Making use of the frozen aisles in supermarkets can be a more affordable way of buying healthy foods like fruits, veggies and lean meats. Frozen, prepackaged healthy foods can be much cheaper, while still providing the same nutrients and flavours as fresh food. Not only that, but stocking up from the freezer aisle will be sure to result in less wasted food and money later down the line due to their extended shelf life. We’re such a fan of utilising your freezer that we dedicated a full article to it and many of our Programme recipes are also freezer-friendly.

Bulk buy where possible

Buying in bulk can be a great way to lower your supermarket spend, as larger amounts can work out cheaper per item or weight. Buying fresh food in bulk to use in batch-cooking is a cost-effective, convenient way of eating. In fact, plenty of delicious recipes on our Programme can be batch-cooked in larger portions if you find yourself with a couple of bargain bags of veg or meat. Cupboard essentials like larger bottles of olive oil, nuts and seeds, tinned fish and herbs and spice are all ideal to stock up on in bulk. Despite a bigger upfront cost, it works out far cheaper in the long run and is sure to lower your supermarket spend in future. 

It’s absolutely possible to eat a healthy Mediterranean-style diet on a budget. Still, regardless of your diet choices, there are always some tips and tricks to try if you want to hold onto extra pennies and lower your supermarket spend

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