5th April 2023

How to lose weight on a Mediterranean-style diet

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be one of the healthiest eating patterns. It is not only rich in nutrients and flavour, it also comes with a host of health benefits, such as increased weight loss, reduced risk of chronic illness and better mental health.

Research has shown that this diet may actually result in greater weight loss than a low-fat diet.[1] In this article, we’re specifically looking at how to lose weight on a Mediterranean-style diet. 

What is a Mediterranean-style diet?

As the name may suggest, this way of eating is based around the traditional diet of countries like France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Research shows that these countries have lower rates of chronic disease compared with the US or Northern Europe.[2] Steer clear of thinking about pizza or pasta in relation to these countries; picture instead a Greek salad, fresh fish, Greek yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil and green veggies. Healthy fats, protein, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes are the basis of a Mediterranean-style diet.

Unlike short-term fad diets, which are difficult to follow and can be restrictive, this way of eating is more a way of life than a ‘diet’. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce your risk of chronic illness, or simply to live life as healthily as possible, a Mediterranean-style diet can suit everyone.

The Mediterranean-style diet is at the heart of what we do at The Fast 800. We focus less on eating the wrong foods, and more on eating the right foods so that you can enjoy a delicious diet while keeping your body and mind as healthy as possible. Our Online Programme starts with the basics and leads you every step of the way with how to lose weight best with diet plans that suit your goals, including tasty recipes and fun exercise videos to follow if you’re new to this way of life.

The benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet

Research shows that a Mediterranean-style diet, which is low in carbohydrates and rich in healthy fats and protein, has many physical and mental health benefits.

Some of the health benefits include: 

  • Increased weight loss
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Metabolic Syndrome, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes [3]
  • Improved mental health and reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety [4]
  • Improved sleep [5]
  • Healthful ageing and longevity [6]

To learn more about the science behind this diet, and read the outstanding facts and figures relating to the health benefits of following a Mediterranean-style diet like The Fast 800, head here.

How to lose weight on a Mediterranean-style diet:

  1. Eat plenty of colourful veggies alongside every meal: A fairly easy way to know whether you’re getting the right nutrients from your meals is to look at the colours. If your meal is too beige, you probably aren’t getting enough good vegetables in. Ensure you have a variety of colours alongside every meal, like purple aubergine/eggplant, green broccoli, orange carrot, you get the idea: it’ll look as good as it tastes. Stick to the low-starch veggies for optimal gut health.
  2. Learn about calories: It’s probably no surprise that being in a calorie surplus will lead to weight gain, and a calorie deficit leads to weight loss. However, the key is eating the right calories and not making assumptions like ‘low-fat equals good, high-fat equals bad’ (read on to our next point to see what we mean).
    Our Online Programme has recipes and plans which count the calories for you. The knowledge you gain from following these plans and achieving optimal weight loss can then help you move onto the Way of Life approach which is designed to be followed for life: it involves no calorie counting, just being conscious of your portions. 
  3. Choose full-fat over 0% dairy: This advice may come as a shock if you’ve chosen the low fat or 0% options previously when attempting weight loss. The problem is that these options have been stripped of their most valuable nutrients. Full-fat dairy contains vital protein, iodine, omega-3, calcium, and Vitamins B-12, A and D. The extra healthy fats can also help curb hunger pangs throughout the day. 
  4. Create a meal plan each week: Having the structure of a weekly meal plan is invaluable when thinking about how to lose weight on a Mediterranean-style diet. It will ensure that you can check you’re getting in enough protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals throughout the week. Plans keep you accountable and avoid last minute convenience junk food or snacking. Our Online Programme includes various meal plans depending on your goals and provides a convenient weekly shopping list for delicious Mediterranean-style meals to help you lose weight easily and healthily. 
  5. Consider time restricted eating (TRE): TRE and intermittent fasting can be particularly effective weight loss methods to use alongside a Mediterranean-style diet. Similarly to fasting for a certain number of days a week, creating an 8, 10, or 12 hour window for when you eat has many health benefits, including weight loss. It also improves metabolism efficiency, cognitive function, blood pressure, and sleep, to name a few.[7] The Very Fast 800 and The New 5:2 are two of our weight loss approaches that involve ‘TRE’ and are very effective for losing weight quickly. 
  6. Give mindfulness a go: There is plenty of research that suggests mindfulness can help with weight loss.[8] So much so that we included it in our Online Programme with an extensive library of guided meditations included in the plans. Mindfulness can help you gauge fullness cues, appreciate your food more, eat slower, and help you understand your relationship with food better: all very helpful when focusing on how to lose weight easily and more enjoyably.

When considering how to lose weight, the Mediterranean-style diet is ultimately the most effective long-term option, with research suggesting it is more successful than low-calorie, low-fat diets.[9] It is not just another fad diet; it should be enjoyable and really can be followed for life. Most importantly, the many health benefits that come with eating a Mediterranean-style diet are the reason why we encourage anyone to embrace this way of eating. 

Try signing up to our Online Programme today, to see how we have taken into account these six tips on how to lose weight on a Mediterranean-style diet when creating each diet approach.


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