13th February 2024

Weight loss shakes: Myths vs. facts – unraveling the truth

In the journey of weight loss and health, weight loss shakes often come under scrutiny and are surrounded by various myths and misconceptions. We have a commitment, at The Fast 800, to focus purely on evidence-based health guidance, so this article  aims to debunk common myths about weight loss shakes and present the factual side of these popular dietary tools.

Myth 1: Weight loss shakes don’t provide enough nutrients

Fact: Quality weight loss shakes are formulated to be nutrient-dense. They typically contain a balanced blend of proteins, fibre, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. While they are not a complete substitute for whole foods, they are designed to provide a similar amount of nutrients as a healthy meal, which can come in particularly handy if you’re trying intermittent fasting or any one of the approaches on our Programme.

Myth 2: Weight loss shakes lead to rapid weight gain once you stop

Fact: Weight regain after steering away from shakes often relates to returning to old eating habits, not as a result of stopping consuming them. Weight loss shakes can be an effective tool for weight management, especially when transitioned properly, but it is essential to maintain that proper level of nutrition after you remove shakes from your diet by replacing it with equally nutritious meals. In general, incorporating healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes along with these shakes is crucial for sustained weight loss.

Myth 3: All weight loss shakes are the same

Fact: There is a wide variety in the quality and composition of weight loss shakes. Many supplement or weight loss shakes currently on the market are filled with artificial sweeteners and additives, so it’s important to choose shakes that have a balanced nutritional profile and are low in sugars and artificial additives. This is why The Fast 800 shakes are made with all natural ingredients, so you know you’re getting all the good stuff, and none of the bad stuff.

Myth 4: Weight loss shakes are just a quick fix

Fact: While weight loss shakes can offer a convenient solution for managing calorie intake, particularly on busy days when healthy meals might be difficult to come by, they work best when used as part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes a healthy Mediterranean-style diet and regular physical activity. We offer these shakes as just one component of a broader, sustainable lifestyle change, and never suggest using them to regularly replace a well-rounded meal as a ‘quick fix’.

Myth 5: Weight loss shakes are unnecessary for weight loss

Fact: While it’s possible to lose weight without shakes, they can be a beneficial tool for many people. They offer convenience and help with portion and calorie control, which can often be challenging for some people, and can help ensure you’re getting the right amount of protein, healthy fats and fibre in your diet as you navigate weight loss. Weight loss shakes in Australia and the UK can simplify the weight loss process, especially for those with busy lifestyles.

Weight loss shakes can be a valuable and effective tool for weight loss and management when used correctly and as part of a balanced dietary approach like the different plans on our Programme. By understanding and dispelling the myths surrounding them, we can appreciate their role and potential benefits in a weight loss journey. As with any dietary choice, the key is to stay informed, make mindful decisions, and find what works best for your individual health goals.

Try our range of shakes here, including both original shake blends, vegan alternatives and keto-friendly options. All of our shakes use all-natural ingredients to provide a third of your daily protein, a quarter of your daily vitamins and minerals, and a quarter of your daily fibre intake, while being low-carb and low-calorie. This can all assist in a healthy weight loss journey, so give one of our deliciously sweet flavours a go and see how they could support you too.

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