20th May 2021

Benefits Of Walking, Proven By Science

While it’s overlooked as a form of exercise, walking has extensive health benefits from reduced anxiety to improved blood sugar levels. Read on to find out the benefits of walking, backed by scientific research and evidence.

Practical tips

Easily forgotten, here are several things to consider before you head out for a brisk walk:

  • Wear sensible shoes – make sure your walking shoes are comfortable with good ankle support and grip. Also, flexible shoes will help activate more muscles, give them a twist (like you’re wringing out a towel) and check they have lots of movement.
  • Stay hydrated – even on days where it’s a little brisk outside, make sure you take a water bottle if you’re going on a long walk.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable – wear practical clothing with easily removable layers. The weather can be unpredictable on longer walks, especially with different altitudes.
  • Walk on the grass, if possible – walking on grass, as opposed to hard pavement, helps to absorb impact reduces risk of injury.
  • Consider the weather – We know how unpredictable the weather can be. If you’re passionate about walking, it’s wise to invest in good quality, waterproof and windproof clothing. Alternatively, The Fast 800 Online Programme has a collection of stretching and Pilates videos, perfect for doing at home, for days where you’re looking for low-impact exercises and the weather isn’t on your side.

Benefits of walking


Walking is great for mental health; various scientific studies have recognised that adding a brisk walk to your daily routine can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels.1 By simply getting outside and taking in your surroundings, you will most likely benefit from a sense of calmness.


Get a bit of spring in your step and add pace to your walks; research claims that walking faster can help you live longer. The University of Sydney carried out a study finding that walking at a brisk pace may reduce the risk of mortality by 20 percent, in comparison to strolling.2

Boosts mood

Walking helps to reduce anxiety and depression, along with boosting overall wellbeing. It has been also been recognised to reduce symptoms of social withdrawal and improve self-esteem. A 2019 study recognised that the risk of major depression was reduced by 26% as a result of walking for an hour each day, or running for 15 minutes.3

May help to boost levels of vitamin D

Research shows that the best way to get vitamin D is through exposure to the sun’s UV rays. A walk in the sunshine for 10-15 per day, with arms and legs exposed, will place you in a better position to avoid deficiency.4 Just be sure to take sun cream with you if you are going out for a longer walk and apply after 15 minutes in the sun. You can find further information on sun protection through this article from Cancer UK.

Eases joint pain

Any movement can help to lubricate the joints, which increases your range of motion. The low impact of walking also takes stress away from weight bearing joints. Walking is a great form of exercise for people of all fitness abilities to help build up strength. Remember to start slow, build up pace and then cool down with a steady walk to avoid any muscle stiffness. If you’re looking for something with higher intensity, our Online Programme has a series of 12 week courses with four different fitness levels (Low Impact, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), made up of HIIT, resistance, Pilates and stretching videos.

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Manages blood sugar

Walking can also help your body to use insulin more effectively. It can help reduce blood sugars, and moreover reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, particularly if you walk immediately after eating. A study recognised that three 15 minute walks throughout the day (following meals) was more effective in managing blood sugar levels over a 24 hour period than one 45 minute walk.5

Burns calories

Everyone is different when it comes to burning calories and many will have different results. However, there are a lot more calories to be burned when you’re walking, than when you’re sitting on the sofa!

Walking, despite being low-impact, has a huge range of health benefits; a few short walks each day can improve your overall well-being with the potential to help you live longer. For further advice on ways to improve your health, sign up to The Fast 800 newsletter for regular updates, articles, recipes and latest offers on our range of products from The Fast 800 team.


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