27th September 2020

Health Coach Tips: Healthy Routines To Support Your Goals

It can be overwhelming making changes to your diet and lifestyle, which is why it’s important to put strategies into place that are designed to help you succeed and, ultimately, achieve your goals. This is especially important if you’re having trouble breaking bad habits and creating better ones. Healthy routines can be the key to success!

The Fast 800 Health Coaches guide our online programme members through their health journeys via the community forums. They are there through the good, the bad and the ugly with plenty of motivation and inspiration. So, who better to ask about healthy routines that support a healthy lifestyle than our Health Coaches?

“When I’m fasting in the morning, my routine is pretty simple – shower, a big glass of water, a black coffee and then off to work. My evening routine makes the mornings much easier, though. The three things I always do before I go to sleep are prepare everything I need for the next day and check my schedule so I don’t wake up stressed, stay hydrated throughout my whole evening and avoid all screens within 30 minutes of when I want to go to sleep. I’ve recently come to realise how beneficial a more restful and higher-quality sleep can be for your wellbeing and productivity. Having a stress-free morning and feeling fresh when you wake up will put you in great stead to attack the day and less likely to slip into bad habits!”

Coach Pascal

“I like to wake up at the same time each day, usually early enough for me to get some exercise in. It helps to start the day with a healthy habit and a bit of movement and it means I can tick exercise off my big to-do list before I’ve even had breakfast.”

Coach Charlotte

“I go for a walk after work, which is something I really enjoy because it helps me start to decompress after a long day. After dinner, a big fan of dim lighting and candles to create a relaxing vibe and to unwind before bed. I like to have an evening routine that calms my mind and helps me get a great sleep – which is so important for overall health.

Coach Chrissy

“I value connecting with my family and starting and ending the day together, which creates bookends for the day and a foundation of routine. We wake up early, have a cuddle and a cup of tea in bed together before we all head out for a little bit of exercise to start the day. In the evenings, my husband does bath time while I do dinner, which I try to prepare ahead of time. We eat dinner together as a family and one way we maximise our fasting time (we practice TRE) is to eat quite early.”

Coach Moira

“I have young kids, so I get up earlier than they do to help me have some ‘me time’ before ‘mum time’. It means I get to have my shower and a cup of tea on my own, plan my day and set my intentions without distractions. Of course, this usually means I’m also off to bed early in the evening to make sure I get enough sleep, but I’d rather that than to try to function off less sleep.”

Coach Natalie

“I set alarm for 6.30 am to keep my circadian rhythms in check. I don’t do well if I wake at different times. I usually start the day with a cup of tea and, on nice days, I get to enjoy the birds outside but even on rainy days I try to enjoy a moment of peace to ease into the day. I also try to do some mindfulness practice. This is a bit hit and miss but a goal I’m working towards – even us Health Coaches are always trying to improve our own habits!”

Coach Mary-Anne

Key takeaways:

  • Start your day in a consistent way, be it exercise, mindfulness or a big glass of water.
  • Develop an evening routine that promotes a good quality sleep, which is important for overall health and for those trying to lose weight.
  • Plan your meal times if you’re practising TRE, and prep ahead if you can to save mealtime stress.
  • Build exercise into your daily routine, which will help you to feel good, promote better sleep and improve your health. There’s no need for hours of hard slog exercise, as Dr Mosley’s de-bunked, even a short walk will help.

And, if you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed, read about the effects of good mood foods.

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