28th May 2024

How to get the most out of weight loss drugs

Weight loss medications, or ‘GLP-1 receptor agonists’, are rapidly growing in popularity and accessibility for those who struggle to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. They slow digestion and suppress appetite and can therefore be very effective for weight loss, however, they do not teach you how to integrate sustainable habits into your lifestyle, which is essential to maintain results for long-term health. If you’re looking to use medication in your weight loss journey, then keep reading for our top tips on how to get the most out of weight loss drugs.

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Top tips for achieving success on weight loss medication:

1. Focus on what you’re eating: As weight loss medications reduce your appetite, it’s important to prioritise a nutritious, healthy diet so you don’t run the risk of becoming malnourished. A Mediterranean-style diet, which is high in protein and fibre is key for long-term weight loss and muscle mass maintenance.1 Using a meal plan like those on The Fast 800 Programme can help you plan ahead and provide you with delicious, healthy recipes that help you get the most out of your weight loss medication.

2. Integrate exercise into your routine: Exercise is particularly important if you’re using weight loss medications, to prevent muscle loss and promote holistic health.2 While there are plenty of ways to enjoy exercise, resistance training is key if you’re using weight loss medications in order to maintain muscle mass and energy levels, and can feel more manageable than HIIT if you’re feeling fatigued or nauseous on the medication.3 Our Programme has hundreds of guided exercise videos led by our team of fitness trainers to help get you started with resistance training and more.

3. Consider quality supplements: Due to the risk of becoming malnourished as a result of a reduced food intake while on weight loss medications, it’s a good idea to consider supplementing your nutrition. Try either a quality multivitamin or a specially formulated product like The Fast 800 Shakes, which are rich in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals all in a low-calorie, filling shake. Dr Michael Mosley says, “our meal replacement shakes work extremely well with weight loss drugs because while the drug suppresses your hunger, having a shake will provide you with a good whack of protein and fibre, two really important constituents of your diet, in an easy-to-drink format.”

4. Aim for good quality sleep: Sleep is important for your brain performance, weight management, physical health, mood and blood pressure.4 While on weight loss medication, fatigue is a common symptom so it’s important to minimise additional tiredness on top of that. Sleep is also important for reducing cravings for quick energy like sugar and caffeine which could counteract the effectiveness of the drugs. Mindfulness and 4-2-4 breathing exercises before bed can help to wind you down for restful sleep, and if you need a little more sleep support, products like our Lemon Sleep Blend (available in Australia) can really help to provide those all-important zzz’s.

5. Build a support system: We know that weight loss journeys can be an emotional and vulnerable time. Finding a community of people going through a similar experience as you will ensure you feel supported and motivated in your journey. Studies have shown that even online communities have positive impacts on motivation, habit-building and can even contribute to greater weight loss.5 It’s for this reason that we included our invaluable ‘Community’ on The Fast 800 Programme, including a vibrant members chat with discussion groups, your own cohort of people who start the programme at the same time as you, and access to a team of Health Coaches at your fingertips for when you’re feeling unsure. So although trying weight loss medications might feel overwhelming, don’t worry, we’ve got you!


Weight loss drugs are not a single solution to weight loss, so it’s still important to prioritise a healthy diet, an enjoyable exercise routine and lifestyle habits that support health into the future.

It’s also important to remember that weight loss medications are not the only solution to lose weight. The Fast 800 Programme is based on the latest in science and research and has been proven to help members to lose weight and improve health outcomes. Most of our members use the programme as a standalone solution, but it can be used in combination with weight loss medication which helps ensure users are making the right lifestyle changes for optimal, long-term health outcomes.

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