20th December 2023

How to lower your carb intake for better health

Some carbohydrates can be helpful, quick sources of energy, but we are increasingly learning that healthy fats and protein can provide sustained energy while benefiting metabolic health. This is important for longevity, weight management and disease prevention.

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Low carb diets and weight loss

Studies show that low-carb diets are more effective for weight loss than low-fat diets, by increasing feelings of satiety and keeping blood sugars stable while burning fat for energy. A low-carb diet also reduces your risk of chronic illnesses including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Here are some tips to help you lower your carb intake and reap the many benefits of a low-carb diet:

Tips to lower your carb intake

  1. Make some simple swaps: switch out simple carbs like pasta and rice for tasty fibre-filled alternatives like courgetti (zoodles) or cauliflower rice. This will also provide more vitamins and minerals to support better health.
  2. Watch out for hidden carbs: carbohydrates, which are sugars in their simplest form, can hide in your diet where you may not expect it, particularly in drinks. Fizzy drinks, tropical fruit smoothies, sweet hot beverages and juices can spike your blood sugars. Opt instead for still or sparkling water flavoured with herbs, ginger, citrus or berries, and black tea and coffee (a dash of full-fat milk is fine!)
  3. Have low-carb convenient options to hand: Often convenient foods are high in carbs and low in nutrients. Our range of products are all low-carb, with keto options, to support your weight loss and fasting. It’s important to arm yourself with options for those busy days, so having low-carb, high-protein shakes or bars handy can reduce the risk of falling into a sugar trap.
  4. Avoid low-fat products and opt for full-fat instead: dairy contains a natural sugar called lactose, which has a negligible effect on blood sugar when consumed within a full-fat product. Full-fat dairy is rich in protein and satiating fat, while low-fat alternatives often come with gut-disrupting additives and added sugars. Full-fat products, like milk, cheese and Greek yogurt, will help keep you full while cutting back on carbs.

Try our range of low carb products for convenient, tasty, low-carb options that are ideal for keeping to hand, helping keep you full and energised while lowering your carb intake.

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