20th December 2023

Low calorie lunches for work

It’s all too easy to reach for calorific, convenient lunches at work when you’re short on time and options. However, high-carb meals like sandwiches or pasta are often very calorific, which can lead to weight gain and spikes in your blood sugars. This spike leaves you feeling hungrier later, and can give you a ‘crash’ or ‘dip’ in the afternoon – not ideal for a long day at work! Choosing low calorie lunches will ensure you avoid those unwanted side effects, while still keeping yourself nourished and energised for the rest of the day.

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Low carb lunch ideas

Avoid those excess calories during the day by having a few tricks up your sleeve for healthy, low-calorie lunches that won’t leave you feeling hungry:

  1. Opt for salads: Salads are, of course, a brilliant low-calorie lunch idea. They’re generally based around non-starchy veggies and greens like lettuce, cucumber or spinach, which are low calorie but high in micronutrients, boasting a variety of vitamins and minerals. Just make sure to add a source of protein and healthy fat, like chicken and avocado, to keep you full until dinner time.
  2. Make super soups: Soups are an easy meal to make at home with whatever leftover veggies you might have to hand, and keep well in the fridge for lunches all week. For a vegetarian soup, add beans and pulses for extra protein and fibre, or give a chicken soup a go for a high-protein midday boost.
  3. Try nutritious, low-calorie replacements or supplements: If time is short, try giving low-calorie supplements a go rather than reaching for a quick snack bar. The Fast 800 Shakes are a convenient and natural meal with over a third of your recommended daily protein, plus fibre, to keep you satisfied all for less than 200 calories per serving. Simply add water, shake and enjoy a nutritious boost on-the-go!
  4. Make use of leftovers: planning ahead by doubling up on your healthy recipes from the night before will mean that you have a ready-made lunch to enjoy at work. Store in the fridge overnight and reheat for a quick and easy low-calorie lunch. Just don’t forget to label your container – your colleagues are sure to get food envy!

The key to benefiting from low-calorie lunches is to make sure you’re eating enough protein, fibre and healthy fats to keep you full and energised, so make use of nutritious, convenient supplements like The Fast 800 Shakes: they can be a real life-saver during those busy work days!

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