3rd May 2022

Motivational Weight Loss Story: Meet Sandra

Sandra Dalton-Goldspink, 49, from Hull had a series of health problems. Her health issues kick-started Sandra’s determination to change her life, inspired by her dream wedding vow renewal. Sandra lost 5 stone 10 pounds following The Fast 800 programme, transforming her health and she’s now sharing her motivational weight loss story to help inspire others.

I had no energy, I couldn’t walk very far without getting out of breath. My joints were so painful from carrying the excess weight that my husband had to rub cream on them in the evenings. I have fibromyalgia, and the doctor said I was severely obese and needed to lose weight to improve my health. I also have IBS, which of course was connected to what I was eating. I didn’t realise that the processed foods I was eating were amongst the worst things I could eat for my IBS until a nutritionist told me. Even a family member said I should lose weight. But I didn’t listen to anyone until I got breast cancer.


Sandra’s motivational weight loss story

In late December 2020, Sandra started to experience pain in her chest, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I have had a full mastectomy, and I wear my scar with pride. I am now cancer free, but this was the wake-up call I needed.”

After becoming free from cancer, Sandra knew she wanted to lose weight so started looking into various methods, one of these being The Fast 800.

How it all started

Sandra followed TV presenter and The Fast 800 ambassador Saira Khan on Instagram, and started to join in with her daily exercise sessions on social media. When Saira talked about the Fast 800, which follows the ethos of the Mediterranean diet, Sandra thought the diet could help her.

“I was already trying to be a bit healthier”, says Sandra. “But I was still having takeaways every week – I thought that because it was a vegetarian meal it would be fine. When Saira shared the plan, I felt that as it’s only a 12-week programme, it was achievable. I started the Fast 800 in July 2021, and lost nearly two stone in the first two weeks. At first, I felt a bit hungry as I was getting used to the quantities of food. But after a few days, I felt full! I was so used to eating so much food, it was a shock to the system, but this new plan showed me the amount of food my body actually needed.”

I used to eat mindlessly. I loved takeaways, and ate a lot of processed foods. I would have a slice of pizza or a pasty, snack on my son’s leftovers, followed by dinner and then crisps or a toastie in the evening.

I didn’t realise how much food I was eating. You think you’re doing no harm, but realistically you are. I was a size 24, and weighed 18 stone 12 pounds at my heaviest.

A new way of life

“I had never eaten half of the stuff I eat now, but it’s so tasty”, says Sandra. “This is my lifestyle for the rest of my life now. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Sandra’s health, and confidence, has transformed following her new lifestyle. “I can walk a lot more easily now and can bend my body properly. I don’t get out of breath in the way I used to. And I am so much more confident. People used to make cruel remarks to me in the street, which only made me comfort eat more. Now, I feel like the person I used to be years ago, before the weight crept on – which was about 15 years ago.”

Sandra and her husband Andrew’s families were friends, and the pair have known each other since childhood. Andrew has wanted to renew their wedding vows for years, but Sandra has resisted due to her weight. Now, it is intended to happen next year. “I had a crush on my husband since I was eight. We wanted renew our vows as we didn’t get married in a church. Andrew always wanted to do it, but I wouldn’t agree as I felt too big. Now I want to celebrate our marriage, and I’m going to treat myself to a new dress to wear on the day. I never liked having my photo taken, but I’m excited to see photos from my big day.”

More than just a diet

As Sandra invested in her health, she started exercising more too. “I follow Saira’s exercise sessions on Instagram, and the Fast 800 have a brilliant exercise portion of their programme too. I never dreamed I would be able to wear leggings like other women, but now I do. It’s the little things that help me understand how much my life has changed.”

Sandra realised how much weight she had lost when her extended family got together for her dad’s birthday. “Due to Covid-19, I hadn’t seen everyone in a while, and no one could believe it was me! My cousin said I looked like a whole new person. My mum said I looked really nice in my outfit. It used to be so rare to get a comment like that, it was lovely to receive that compliment.”

Sandra’s experience following The Fast 800

“If I can transform my health, anyone can. It is the best thing I have done in my life. I am so much happier and healthier now. I didn’t think I would have the willpower, and I feel so much better. I would tell anyone in my position to be positive, and try it for themselves.”

Sandra shares her favourite elements of The Fast 800:

“The food is lovely. The plan has such a variety of food to choose from, it cut the shopping time in half and stopped me worrying about what to eat”, Sandra says “And the exercise tips help. I like the meditation section, it’s a nice, soothing way to start and end my day. I also like the meal replacement shakes you can enjoy as part of the plan – the chocolate is my favourite.”

“The community is amazing. People share their stories and motivate each other. Someone said I was a true inspiration, and that meant so much to me. I’d love to help other people going through what I did.”

“If I can transform my health, anyone can.”

Has Sandra’s motivational weight loss story inspired you? Start your journey today with a 7 day free trial; explore our 12 week course and begin putting your health first.

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