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Mediterranean Style Shakes

Low in sugar and starchy carbs, high in protein, fibre and quality fats.

Price: £18.99

With 10 x shakes per pouch, that’s less than £1.90 a meal.

While we believe that people should eat real food first, we understand that people live busy lives and cannot always cook for themselves. To help on these days, we have developed convenient nutritional shakes, formulated in line with our principles and made with real food and natural ingredients.

We have developed The Fast 800 Shakes to be a natural real food alternative that offers you a low sugar alternative to the traditional refined meal replacement shakes in the market. Ready in 30 seconds, we believe that our shakes will provide you the convenience and nutrition for your busy and hectic lifestyle.

In embracing our values of real natural foods, our shakes are composed of ground nuts and seeds, making them high in fibre and full of healthy natural fats.

Whether as a quick healthy alternative to breakfast, in place of a sandwich when busy at work, instead of a slice of toast on your way out of the door or a pizza at the end of a demanding day – our shakes can help take the stress out of healthy living.

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