9th October 2020

A Fast 800 success story, “Twelve weeks can completely change your life.”

Have you met Pete?

Pete lost 51lb following The Fast 800! His is a wonderful Fast 800 success story.

Until recently, Pete, an avid beer-drinker for his entire adult life, was not unlike most middle-aged British men. He was aware his habit wasn’t good for his health, confirmed by his GP who prescribed Pete medication to control his high cholesterol and blood pressure.

“It really hit home when the hospital nurse called me,” Pete said.

“She was very concerned about my liver function blood test results, which were high probably because of the amount of beer I was drinking.

“She told me that if I continued to drink to that level, I would end up in hospital with serious liver issues.”

Pete had heard of The Fast 800 online programme through the work of its co-founder and ambassador, Dr Michael Mosley.

With plenty of support from The Fast 800 Health Coaches, Pete felt motivated to dive into his new way of life with the goal of getting his health under control by starting on The Very Fast 800 approach.

“The online programme really opened my eyes as to how delicious Mediterranean-style food is,” Pete said.

“The great thing about The Very Fast 800 approach, along with the constant support and information available on the online programme, is that when you’ve completed 12 weeks of it, you feel confident and educated enough to move to the longer-term approaches.

“When you move on to The New 5:2 or Way of Life, you’re just eating even more of the lovely foods you’ve enjoyed for the past 12 weeks, with the know-how to make good choices in the ‘real world’”.

Having lost more than 50 pounds following The Fast 800, Pete’s doctor has taken him off all medication.

“I had also been on medication for psoriasis and arthritis,” Pete said.

“The most fantastic improvement apart from the weight loss is that I’ve been able to come off all medications, my psoriasis has significantly improved and my arthritis causes me minimal pain now.”

While Pete had read The Fast 800 book, the online programme provided the extra guidance and push he needed to create real, sustainable change in his life.

“Now, having completed the 12-week programme and moved onto The Way of Life with Time Restricted Eating (with the occasional 800 day to manage my weight), I can see just how much better I am feeling mentally and physically,” Pete said.

“The online programme was absolutely worth investing in –it’s great value for all of the support, information, tools and resources you get access to.

“Start by committing to the next 12 weeks of your life, because it can completely change your life.”

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