9th October 2020

A Fast 800 success story, “The weight loss was one thing, but I’m happier.”

Have you met Tracey?

Tracey lost 24kg following The Fast 800! She is a wonderful Fast 800 success story.

Like many Australian women, Tracey, 48, wanted to lose weight and simply feel refreshed and ready for the day as soon as she stepped out of bed each morning. Having read Dr Michael Mosley’s book, The Fast 800, Tracey  understood the principles of this way of eating but wanted to keep herself accountable by joining the online programme.

“Once I joined, it just clicked for me,” she said. “The calorie intake, the exercise routine, the fasting – everything.”

Having spent many days waking up in pain, Tracey felt more confident about following the meal plans than the exercise plans, but ended up surprising herself.

“I actually enjoyed the exercise!” she said. “It wasn’t a crazy regime and I didn’t need to sign up to a gym.”

“Just a couple of HIIT and resistance sessions each week and I LOVED listening to  the interesting facts during the HIIT session because I could educate myself and get the exercise out of the way at the same time.”

Since finishing her original 12 weeks of Very Fast 800, Tracey has maintained her weight and plans to incorporate 800-calorie fasting days into her Mediterranean-style diet by following the New 5:2 to reach her goal weight.

“The weight loss was one thing, but I’m happier and have coped better with life’s stresses – I just have a better head space.

“Other than weight, you have nothing to lose following The Fast 800 online programme.”

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