Working from home: tips from our Health Coaches

Over the past few weeks, the entire team at The Fast 800 has been working from home. While this has meant we’ve been kept company by our furry friends and have been enthusiastically embracing loungewear, we’ve also had to be clever to keep our bodies and minds well.

If you’ve still got some time ahead working from home, here are some tips from The Fast 800 Health Coaches:

“I set a schedule I try to stick to strictly. If I don’t set boundaries with how I want to use my time, I find myself wandering off, looking in the fridge, going for a nap etc. I’ve read studies that suggest we should be changing positions every 20 minutes, so I try to do that or at least get up for a super quick walk or jump around!”


“Keep some sort of routine with things you can look forward to that break up your day. For me, I work for a couple of hours, then get out with the dog for a gentle jog, more work, break for a tasty lunch, work, exercise, work and then, finally, dinner and relaxing with a great series on TV.”


“Set yourself a timer to get up from your chair at least once an hour. You can use your break to stretch, grab a drink of water or walk around – your body will love you for it!”


“I try to separate my ‘work’ space at home from my ‘leisure’ space. Have your breakfast away from your desk, set aside time to have a lunch break and try to switch off at the end of the day. Setting real work hours will help you to separate work from normal life at home, which should be a relaxing environment!”


Create a work space – although the sofa is tempting, I bought a desk, office chair and set up my work station in the corner of our dining room. It helps to put you in the right headspace to be productive.”


“It sounds simple, but shower and get dressed in the morning. It’ll make you feel fresh and ready to start the day.”


If, like Moira, you take time out of your day for an exercise session then head to our exercise at home article for some tips + tricks and download our 7 days of home exercise plan!

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