Did they manage to lose a stone in 21 days?

Lose a stone in 21 days

Hi all,

Those of you living in the UK may be aware that I have been making a 3 part series for Channel 4, helping five brave volunteers try to lose lots of the weight they put on during the Covid-19 lockdown. The series was filmed over three weeks, largely at my house, and features my wife Dr Clare Bailey, and two of our kids, Dan and Kate. The final episode, with the big reveal, is on Channel 4 tonight, Wednesday 19 August 2020.

So did they really manage to lose a stone (6.4kg) in three weeks?

And did they improve their metabolic health? All will be revealed!

If you want to watch this, or earlier episodes they are available on Channel 4 catch-up.

The volunteers are essentially following The Very Fast 800 approach, supervised by Clare. Clare, who has been a GP for more than 30 years, did in depth interviews, provided them with the recipes and helped me do all the before and after tests. If you want to see her demonstrating how to make some of those recipes then do follow her Instagram account.

As well as measuring our volunteers’ height, weight, waist and blood pressure, we also did blood tests. These revealed the startling fact that though our volunteers were quite young (ranging from 30-50 years old) they were already showing signs of metabolic damage. Mother of two, 34 year old Katie, already had pre-diabetes, which was a nasty shock, but which gave her plenty of incentive to lose weight.

I will be writing more about the series and how our volunteers got on next week.


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