18th November 2023

The Fast 800 Free Trial: What’s included?

Once you’ve made the decision to lose weight or work on your lifestyle to improve your health, maintaining that motivational momentum is critical to achieving long-term results. That’s why finding the right support for your individual health journey is so important. Choosing the right pathway can be overwhelming, but with The Fast 800 free trial, you’re guided into a plan best suited to you.

The Fast 800 is based on a low-carb, Mediterranean-style diet alongside intermittent fasting. Based on the latest scientific evidence, a Mediterranean Diet has become one of the world’s most popular lifestyles, and it’s not hard to see why; on average, members of The Fast 800 Programme lose 6kg in the first 12 weeks.

The results speak for themselves; in 2022, The Programme was independently validated by the Academic Health Sciences Network, part of the NHS’s Office for Life Sciences. It found The Fast 800 Programme was effective in aiding weight loss and improving blood sugar levels.

Now is the perfect time!

The Fast 800 free trial offers 7 days risk-free to try our Programme, which has supported more than 100,000 people in achieving better health and losing weight as a result.

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Why The Fast 800 free trial is helpful

When you start your 7-day free trial, you have a whole week to explore what The Fast 800 Programme has to support your journey to better health. You’ll get to know the types of exercise you’ll be doing, the food you’ll be eating, view your shopping list, check out our thriving Community and set up your profile so you can hit the ground running. You won’t be charged during your free trial, so if you decide The Fast 800 isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time.

What you get during your first 7 days

When you start The Fast 800 free trial, you’ll have access to everything on The Fast 800 Programme, including:

  • A choice of 18 different meal plans to suit your goals and preferences, including keto, non-vegetarian and vegetarian options, and choices for eating two or three meals a day
  • More than 700 delicious exclusive recipes, developed by our Nutritionist
  • Weekly shopping lists to make preparation even easier
  • Selections for how many people you’re cooking for, automatically adjusting your recipes and shopping list quantities
  • Daily guided video workouts, including High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), resistance training, pilates and rest day stretching, developed by our Personal Trainer
  • A choice of 4 fitness intensities, including low-impact options for those new to exercise or returning from injury
  • Access to our thriving Community, a social media-style platform exclusive to members
  • Motivation and member-only support from our Health Coaches
  • Exclusive articles and daily learning content to keep you motivated and empowered
  • A library of mindfulness meditations
  • Access to our exclusive Changing Habits course, developed by experts and based on principles Behavioural Change
  • Tools to track your progress, such as weight, waist circumference, sleep, mood and HbA1c levels for those with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes


Here’s a look of what might be on your meal plan

Our Nutritionist has done the thinking for you – so there’s no need for counting calories or macronutrients. 

Fast 800 free trial meal plan - Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki Salmon

Beef Stir Fry

Beef Stir Fry

Portobello Pizzas

Portobello Pizza

How to start The Fast 800 free trial

Starting is simple! Click ‘Join Now’, create an account and you’re on your way. You’ll need to enter payment information at the checkout, but you will not be charged until after your 7-day free trial ends. When prompted, complete the personalisation questionnaire to discover the meal plan and exercise level best suited to your goals and circumstances, and then you can start exploring the programme. 

No matter what day you sign up to The Fast 800 free trial, everyone starts Week 1 on a Monday. i.e. If you start your free trial on a Tuesday, you’ll have six days to prepare before your first meal plan and workout kicks off on Monday. If you start your free trial on a Friday, you’ll have two days to get prepared. Regardless of which day of the week you start your free trial, your first 7 days will likely be a combination of Preparation days, and Week 1 days.

What happens after I finish The Fast 800 free trial?

The Fast 800 free trial is your opportunity to get familiar with the Online Programme and all the resources you now have at your fingertips. After 7 days, unless you cancel within this time, your membership will simply continue with all of your preferences, such as the meal plan you’re following, and any progress you have logged will remain. It’s just a case of continuing to follow the Online Programme and keep seeing more results!

To start The Fast 800 free trial, click here.

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