Festive fasting with friends

Smiling lady eating healthy salad at table with friends

The festive season is upon us! For many this will mean parties, family gatherings and celebrations with friends.

The spirit of the festive season embraces kindness, generosity and thinking of other people. Regardless of culture or religion, sharing meals with loved ones unites and strengthens relationships.

For some people, making healthy food choices during the silly season can feel overwhelming but we believe that fresh and healthy food can easily be at the heart of any celebration. Not only that, a healthy festive share plate can look and taste as spectacular (if not more spectacular) than some of the more traditional but less healthy alternatives!

At The Fast 800, we encourage you to enjoy social activities whilst still doing your body a favour. The more you can plan and prepare for any event by integrating the philosophies of a lowish-carb, Med-style diet, the more you will be able enjoy yourself at gatherings.

These are some of our favourite dishes to share over the festive season:

Many festive celebrations involve drinking alcohol and sometimes in excessive amounts. Whilst there are some health benefits associated with drinking alcohol in small amounts (and with food), the physical and mental effects of excessive alcohol consumption can’t be ignored.

Alcohol is also rich in empty calories. For example, there are approximately 120 calories per 150ml of white wine or 250 calories per beer, so the calories can add up very quickly! Having tasty alternatives that embrace the festive cheer will be a great addition to your plan.

Here’s four quick festive beverages to try:

Give yourself the best gift this year by staying on track throughout your festivities. Be kind to yourself and know that you don’t have to fall off the wagon to enjoy yourself – in fact, why not make some room on the wagon for your nearest and dearest with our festive share choices!

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