1st March 2023

Low Calorie Lunches (under 300 calories)

Finding low calorie lunches that are convenient, tasty and satiating is key for a successful and enjoyable weight loss journey.

With lunch often falling in the middle of a busy day, it’s easy to reach for convenient junk food, supermarket meal deals or even a rushed bowl of cereal. However, these foods are often unsatisfying, unhealthy and can wreak havoc on your blood sugars. 

A low-nutrient lunch leaves you much more likely to reach for unhealthy snacks throughout the afternoon, whereas a filling, nutritious lunch will keep you energised and satiated until your evening meal. Low calorie lunches that are high in protein and fibre will keep you feeling fuller for longer, while also keeping you on track with your weight loss goals, which is why our Online Programme is full of delicious recipes you can prepare in advance.

Top ways to meal prep for success:

Weight loss can be made more manageable by eating low calorie recipes that include plenty of non-starchy vegetables, protein, healthy fats and fibre, all of which leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Meal prepping these foods can make them more easily accessible during the day and preparing in advance can be much more cost-effective than buying lunch each day.

  • Batch cook lunches at the weekend for the rest of the week: trust us, your tired Wednesday-afternoon self will thank your prepared-Sunday self!

  • Prepare lunches the night before: grabbing a pre-made lunch in the morning before heading out is a great way to avoid last minute unhealthy alternatives at lunchtime.

  • Always have plenty of protein and non-starchy vegetables on hand: for example, tinned fish (which has the same nutrients as fresh fish) and chopped veggies can be handy for when you don’t have time to pre-cook a low calorie lunch.

  • Freeze meal-prepped foods: if you know you’ve taken a frozen low calorie lunch out to defrost at the beginning of the day, you’ll be much less likely to reach for something else when lunchtime comes around – just don’t forget to take it out of the freezer!

Delicious recipe ideas for low calorie lunches:

For a little inspiration, here are some of our top low calorie lunches (all under 300 calories!) that can be prepared in advance and will keep you going for the whole afternoon.

  • Keto Broccoli, Ginger and Coriander soup – 296 calories.
    This Thai green curry-inspired soup is a deliciously filling low calorie lunch which can be prepared in advance in under 30 minutes. With over 8g of protein and 4.8g of fibre per serving, it is perfect for batch-cooking and freezing. Reheat at work or at home for a warming midday pick-me-up.

  • Spicy Chicken Bowl with Kimchi – 294 calories.
    This Asian-fusion dish is the ultimate gut-friendly low calorie lunch. With over 30g of protein per serving, this one is sure to keep you going until your next meal. All elements of this dish can be made in bulk and prepped in advance: ideal for throwing together during a busy day.
  • Keto Curried Chicken Kebabs – 276 calories.
    These keto-friendly kebabs are deliciously flavourful and full of nutrition despite being so low calorie, with over 36g of protein in just two skewers. This low calorie lunch can be enjoyed hot or cold, and if you pre-prepare them they’ll keep in the fridge for up to three days, or in the freezer for up to two months.
  • Vegetarian Saag with Chickpeas – 261 calories.
    This traditional Indian recipe was developed in collaboration with Sandhya’s Kitchen. It’s made up of nutritious chickpeas and spinach, and packed with spices for maximum flavour. It’s super high in fibre, with over 13g in just one serving and can be modified to use up any leftover greens you have in the fridge. Batch-cook at the weekend in just half an hour for nutritious lunches throughout the week. 

The Fast 800 meal replacement shakes (200 calories)

Meal replacement shakes are great lunch options for when you’re in a rush, or don’t have access to other nutritious food. Enjoy them as they are by just adding water, or try one of our delicious shake recipes if you have time, such as our Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie Bowl, Strawberry and Lime Summer Time Shake, or Green Mint Shake. These shake recipes can be prepared in advance by adding the ingredients to your blender jug, storing it in the fridge and blending with milk or water just before drinking. To find out more about when to use meal replacement shakes, head here for our top tips. 

There are plenty more delicious, low calorie lunches available on our Online Programme which you can pick and choose your favourites from. Plus, our meal plans will help to ensure you stay on track with your lunch choices. We even provide you with a shopping list of what you’ll need for the week, so you’ll always be ready for when lunchtime comes around. 

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