12th January 2023

Low Calorie Meals (recipes under 400 calories)

When trying to lose weight, finding low calorie meal options that are tasty and leave you feeling full and satisfied can make your journey far more achievable and enjoyable. 

The key is to find low calorie meals that are filling and rich in nutrients so your meal keeps you satisfied until the next one, without wanting to reach for snacks or junk food. Eating plenty of low calorie, non-starchy vegetables alongside meals rich in protein, healthy fats and fibre, can leave you feeling fuller for longer, making weight-loss more manageable. 

You also need to ensure you’re eating the right kind of calories; calories can be a little, or a lot, of food depending on what you eat. For example: 

1 takeaway hash brown = 262 calories

1 large egg = approx 78 calories 

1 head of broccoli = approx 51 calories

Which do you think is going to fill you up better, one small hash brown, or an entire head of broccoli? 

Thankfully, we don’t expect you to be just living on broccoli. If you’re in need of a little inspiration for tasty, filling and surprisingly low calorie meals, here are a few of our Online Programme members’ favourites (click the links to view the full recipe):

Low calorie dinner recipes: 

Mediterranean Mozzarella chicken – 377 cals per serving

Not many of those old ‘fad’ diets are going to tell you to put deliciously melted cheese on top of your chicken, but at The Fast 800 we know the benefits of adding good fats, like mozzarella, to your meal. It not only tastes better but also keeps you fuller for longer. This delicious low-carb Mediterranean mozzarella chicken needs just eight ingredients, and that rich tomato sauce is something you won’t forget quickly.

Portobello Pizzas, Med style – 342 cals per serving (vegetarian)

If giving up pizza just doesn’t sit right with you, don’t! This healthy alternative to the Italian classic is the perfect low calorie meal to satisfy cravings. Low in carbohydrates, low-cost ingredients, easy to make and customisable (add any of your favourite non-starchy vegetables as a topping), it’s one of our most popular dishes on the Online Programme, and it’s sure to be one of your new favourites too. 

Pot Roast Prawns – 199 cals per serving

This delicious West-African inspired dish is packed full of flavours and nutrients, and was developed by Bintu at Recipes from a Pantry in collaboration with The Fast 800. Applying the Mediterranean-diet principles to different cuisines is the best way to mix up your meals, and ensure you’re still eating your favourite kinds of foods while staying on track. At just 199 calories per serving, it’s perfect for a fasting-day dinner, too.

Low calorie meals (breakfast and lunch recipes):

We have plenty of low calorie meal options for the rest of the day too on our Online Programme. But to get you started, here’s a few of our top lunch and breakfast ideas for making in advance and taking out and about: 

Spiced pears with yoghurt, 393 cals per serving: Indulgent, easy, and perfect for a seasonal breakfast or dessert.

Mediterranean omelette, 359 cals per serving: A quick, tasty and adaptable option for breakfast or lunch.

Keto Mushroom Pesto Frittata, 300 cals per serving: Enjoy them hot or cold, these delicious frittatas are ideal for batch-cooking and taking to work or for a day out.

If you like the sound of these recipes, there’s more where they came from on our Online Programme which gives you a whole host of meal ideas catered to your goals and recommended approach. 

Find a plan that works. The Fast 800 Online Programme has helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their health with delicious food, achievable exercise and real results!

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