Recipe Ideas To Help Bolster Your Immune System

By Gabrielle Newman, Nutritionist

The outbreak of Covid-19 has stimulated a massive appetite for learning how to keep well. Our best defences – in addition to the sensible approaches of hand washing and social distancing – are to maintain a healthy weight and a fully active immune system. Immune bolstering foods have never been more popular!

Celebrating the release of Dr Michael Mosley’s new book, Covid-19: What you need to know about the coronavirus and the race for a vaccine, we are sharing a round-up of The Fast 800 recipes that support Dr Mosley’s approach to bolstering your immune system.

The Fast Breaker – The Fast 800 shakes

Practice intermittent fasting to improve your immune system response.

But, when you’re ready to break your fast, enjoy the full flavour, protein and gut healthy fibre of The Fast 800 Shakes

The Waist Changer – Asian Beef Salad 

Healthy weight maintenance and shrinking your waist are encouraged as strategies to keep well in the face of Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses. 

Full of iron, zinc and vitamin C, this salad is bright and packed with flavour and protein while being low in calories, supporting your plan to shed those extra kilos. Click here for recipe.


The Med-Styler – Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Enjoying a Mediterranean-style diet is one of the healthiest ways to support your immune system and indeed your overall health.

Packed with oily tuna, olives, and a bright range of veggies this tasty and colourful salad will fill you with immune-supporting nutrients. Recipe link.

jar of kimchi in a white kitchen The Biome Booster – Mild-Kimchi Style Sauerkraut

A balanced microbiome is key to good overall health; those good bacteria play an important role in the body’s immune response. Fibre feeds your microbiome. Including fermented foods every day can help to restore balance in your gut too. Give our Mild-Kimchi Style Sauerkraut a go and add to your breakfast, lunch or dinner!

The Sleep Easy – Warm Lentils with Feta and Spinach

Eating foods high in fibre helps feed your gut microbiome, which in turn stimulates chemicals to reduce stress, inflammation and anxiety and thus helping you to sleep easy.

Legumes like beans, chickpeas and lentils are fabulous fibre factories – like our Warm Lentils with Feta and Spinach.

rustic bowl with salmon tuna cucumber, tomatoes and greens The Best for Less Stress – Salmon Broccoli Pesto Poke Bowl

Eating dark green leafy vegetables contain copious amounts of vitamin C, A and zinc, which are crucial for the immune defence line, but also reducing inflammation which will benefit your stress response.

Embrace the greens in our Salmon Broccoli Pesto Poke Bowl!

Enjoying the recipes and the meal plans in The Fast 800 online programme can achieve astonishing results. Not only is the Mediterranean style diet (upon which all our recipes are based) ideal for supporting your immune system, it is also delicious! Working with our nutritionist, we know that it is important to ensure that every plateful is not only healthy but also easy and tasty; it is absolutely achievable to create a lifetime of new habits. We can show you how!

Looking to try The Fast 800 but need some extra recipes, advice and support? Try out the 12 week programme! All costing you less than a daily cup of coffee.

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